How do you measure for your kitchen countertops?

Prices are always given in square feet...but how do you determine how many square feet you need?

Click on the image layout for a cheat sheet to help you out!

99% of kitchens include variations of these layouts (remember layouts may be flipped). Use these forms to determine approximate square feet and layout for your dream kitchen. Remember, you may need to include multiple segments to include all of the sections of countertop involved. Do NOT subtract for sink cutouts, etc. as the way countertops are fabricated are in flat slabs, so you will have to include this area in your calculations.

Note: back splash calculations are NOT included here.

Print out your calculations for reference when speaking with a representative from Eastern Marble & Granite.

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Layout 1

Kitchen Layouts - Layout 1 spacer


Layout 2

Kitchen Layout for calculations of Square Feet | Layout 2


Layout 3

Kitchen Layout 3 | Eastern Marble & Granite | Milford CT


Layout 4 (Island)

Kitchen Layout 4 | Kitchen Island | Eastern Marble & Granite | Milford CT


Layout 5

Kitchen Layouts | Layout 5 | Eastern Marble & Granite | Milford CT





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