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Gaining in popularity these days are so-called "engineered" stones. Engineered stone products are primarily—more than 90 percent—made of natural quartz, the hardest non-precious stone, bound together by resins. On the other hand, granite is only about 40 percent to 60 percent quartz; the rest is made up of softer minerals and impurities.

Engineered stone products require less maintenance than granite because they are non-porous. For example, they don't have to be sealed periodically. Their impervious surface provides more stain and bacterial resistance than granite.

Man-made quartz surfaces are more heat-resistant than natural stone and scratches can be buffed out or reserviced.

In addition to kitchen countertops, engineered stone products can be used for shower and tub surrounds, vanities and other surfaces throughout the home. And unlike porous granite, which can foster bacteria, they are ideal for commercial settings, especially daycare centers, hospitals and food service providers.

Product Lines Carried

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A variety of manufacturers offer products in a diverse range of colors and finishes, including:

CaesarStone. A 93 percent quartz product made to evoke the look of limestone, its color palette ranges from bright to subdued.

Chroma. Chroma Quartz is 90-93% natural quartz and 7-10% supreme quality polyester resins and pigments. This non-porous surface is also impervious to water.

HanStone. HanStone is an engineered stone designed with extraordinary beauty, and twice the strength and durability of granite. Its lustrous surface maintains a permanent sheen, so sealing, conditioning and polishing are never needed.

IceStone. IceStone is a durable surface made of 100% recycled glass in a cement matrix. IceStone does not contain any resins or plastics, and will not fade with exposure to direct sunlight or UV rays.

LG Surfaces. The intelligent combination of acrylic, natural minerals and pigments to produce HI-MACS® produces a non-porous, smooth surface that meets the most exacting hygiene requirements.

QuartzMaster. Quartz Master Quartz surfaces and countertops are made with more than 93%-made of natural quartz, the hardest non-precious stone, bound together by resins.

Staron. Staron® Solid Surfaces are made of 100% durable acrylic material with hygienic qualities that make it a top choice for commercial spaces, medical applications and food service and preparation countertops.

Zodiaq. Made by Dupont, this surfacing material captures the radiance of quartz crystal with depth and clarity.

Caesarstone Engineered Stone | Eastern Marble & Granite | Milford CTChroma Quartz Engineered Stone | Eastern Marble & Granite | Milford CT

HanStone Engineered Stone | Eastern Marble & Granite | Milford CTLG Hi-Macs Acrylic Solid Surface (Engineered Stone)


IcestoneQuartz Master Engineered Stone | Eastern Marble & Granite | Milford CTSamsung StaronZodiaq by DuPont


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